10th Children’s Media Conference [CMC] explores children’s radio concerns …

At the 10th Children’s Media Conference [CMC] in Sheffield, last week, children’s broadcaster, Susan Stranks, slammed the BBC’s withdrawal from children’s radio. Ms Stranks, who coordinates the Sound Start Group, which campaigns for children’s radio, said “Children need the full range of cultural experience. A dedicated radio network can enhance their lives, nurture home grown talent and seed other media, such as film, TV and publishing. The BBC argues children may no longer be able to listen without visual stimulation but this is damaging nonsense!” Read more

IMPORTANT NEWS! John Leech MP has tabled EDM: 378

If you support this important cause, please ask your MP to sign EDM 378.

Below is a Press Notice and hyperlinks to this EDM and other documents relating to children’s diminishing rights in non-commercial radio broadcasting. The BBC Trust is due to publish its findings late Summer/Autumn.

Thank you,

Susan Stranks

Contact Susan Stranks, Coordinator, Sound Start Group


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