‘Radio Waves’, Sunday Times, CULTURE, 21/10/2012

‘Radio Waves’, Sunday Times, CULTURE, 21/10/2012

Paul Donovan laments the BBC’s sorry record in providing radio for children and highlights the widespread concern about young children’s listening and language deficit, which can be so damaging to their social life, education and employment.

Today’s children have less licence-funded radio than ‘Children’s Hour’ provided in the 1940s when the Home Service was the only platform of delivery and,  of the £640.1million annual budget for its domestic radio services, less than £1m is reserved for what the BBC now calls ‘family listening’.

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Susan Stranks Receives ACA Award!

Susan has campaigned tirelessly for the right of children to have provision for their own national public service radio network. Over many years, she has voiced the benefits of radio in the lives of children and kept the campaign going despite many setbacks and is now making a real impact. She created and coordinates the Sound Start Group which is backed by a long list of writers, composers, broadcasters, politicians, educators, parents and children. Susan is a true children’s champion. Her passion and dedication to the creation of high quality children’s radio deserves praise and recognition.


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