Response to the BBC Trust’s Review from the Sound Start Group

Dear Sir Michael,

Public Service Children’s Radio

We thank you and the Trustees for the opportunity to respond to this further consultation on future BBC services. We do so with an updated version of the Sound Start partnership proposal that was put forward in 2008 and 2009, and which would now capitalise on the proposed closure of either the Asian Network or 6 Music in 2011.

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The BBC discriminates…against young listeners

In 2001 Auntie passed up the chance of a DAB network for children in favour of limited output on adult speech stations R4 and R7 where research indicated kids wouldn’t listen.

The last children’s half hour on R4 was axed in June and their slots on R7 are about to be moved around yet again.

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Children’s radio: a vital medium

Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists Bulletin, July 2009)

Broadcaster and campaigner Susan Stranks says a new public service radio network for young listeners is necessary to support a Sound Start in life for children

Sir Jim Rose’s Primary Curriculum Review exposes ‘word poverty’ and limited language development in UK children and last year’s Bercow Report on speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) tells a similar story.

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Let’s Make Radio

The “Let’s Make Radio” workshop was introduced in 2002 and gives children the valuable opportunity to create their own radio programmes.  Its purpose is to encourage children to use their imagination and gently promote their ability to listen attentively and perform with confidence whilst they can also learn some of the essential techniques associated with radio production.  The most recent event took place at Brighton’s Jubilee Library and invited children aged five to ten years to produce a special Halloween play ‘Sam and the Giant Pumpkin’, and to read their favourite stories and poems. Read more

Poll Puts BBC Digital Radio Plans In Question

Published:20 February 2001
Fieldwork:8 – 14 Feb 2001
Theme:Media / TV / Newspapers
Source:Children 2000

Keywords:BBC, Radio
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The results of a nationwide survey will place a question mark over the BBC’s new digital radio proposals.

A MORI poll, commissioned by think tank, CHILDREN 2000, has shown a radio network for children to be a far more popular option than any of the BBC’s proposed formats for its five new national radio networks.

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